when humans began to training dogs

when humans began to training dogs

Dogs are the favorite pets around the world. It is estimated that there are more than 525 million dogs on the ground today. Here are some facts about our beloved friends.

14,000 years

Historians differ about when and where humans began to domesticate dogs for the first time. The first dogs are believed to be self-absorbed wolves and were first attracted to the first sites of human settlements.

The remains of people who were buried with their dogs were also discovered in Germany. Before a period of time not less than 14,000 years. The remains of the dog were found early in China, between 5800 and 7000 BC, so there is a site for the burial of dogs in Utah where it is estimated to date back to 11,000 years.

The first identifiable dog species date back to about 9000 BC. It may have been the type of Greyhound used in hunting.

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