The rarest types of dogs

The rarest types of dogs

Sometimes it seems like everyone is walking down the street and has a dog, but you will not find some rare breeds on every platform. There are hundreds of rare dog breeds in the world today, including the Singer Dog, one of the rarest dogs in the world, roaming around. New Guinea, this type of dog of a rare breed has acquired its name from Howling, which is a wavy and modulating series in tones that mix many tones and that make the sound quality of this dog different from any other dog.

When a member of the group starts singing or making a melody, the rest of the group follows suit and tune with his melody. But with proper training and socialization, it can develop into an excellent home companion.

A Brief History of the Singer Dog:

The singer dog breed was discovered in 1800, where it was treated as a pet in many villages, unlike other areas where it was tortured. In 1900, they decided to cross it with imported dogs, which made the number of singer dogs almost extinct. Two pure dogs. In 1950 they were isolated in a valley in the southern highlands and eventually sent to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

In 1970, another pair was found in Indonesia. Almost all of the current singer dogs are descended from these four original husbands. The singer’s dog is endangered.

Physical characteristics of the singer’s dog:

The general appearance of the singer’s dog is very similar to the wolf, but it is smaller in size, with shorter legs and a wider head. It also has a short, soft, double fur. Color ranges from reddish or black with white marks on the underside of the chin, on the edge of the feet and tail, ears. Curved forward pointed in an erection which gives him a fox-like appearance, and has a reflection of shiny green eyes wonderful especially if you look at him in dim light, the joints of the singer dog and his spine are very flexible for other dogs.

As for the singer dog’s gait is graceful and smooth, the size of his muscles is relatively medium, and we find that the singer dog has a dense tail of medium length and soft and thin and is considered a small dog to medium size, and the jaw structure is larger than the wolf.

Dog singer behavior:

The singer’s dog always seems alert. He needs a lot of sport because many singer dogs still retain many of their wild features, but with early and proper training and socialization, they are able to adapt to life as a domestic pet.

The singer dog is a skilled hunter and he is an aggressive and stubborn fighter, especially with other dogs, which makes him a weak choice for a family that has other domestic pets. The type of dog is not the perfect choice for inexperienced people.

But there is nothing impossible that can be properly trained to be social properly, especially with strangers and can be tamed so that it is easy to deal with humans and then you will get an excellent companion, that the most distinctive feature in the singer dog is the enormous ability to produce howl in a different way, it is not barking like Other dogs, but a complex vocal behavior that resembles screams and whining, ultrasound scans show this howling as completely different.

As I mentioned before, the singer dog is always constantly alert to explore everything in their environment and going around them and doing it through their five senses, the singer dog is incredibly flexible in its skeleton in an incredible way they may pass through any opening, The hunting skill of this dog is very strong when it finds its prey and is assisted by a sense of sharp reputation in addition to the sense of sight and smell so as to locate the prey It adapts to hunting in the terrain, and dense grass, Vitzlk and jump like cats, it is a very graceful dog and when their eyes reflect in the light Low it glows green East.

The singer’s life in the wild has not been studied because there is not much information about him in the wild. Almost nothing is known about his or her social behaviors. We have been able to know that the female breeding cycle is only twice a year, if in captivity.

The singer’s dog lives between 15 and 20 years but is not a normal dog. He needs a lot of physical exercises, including walking daily or running.

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