The most dangerous types of dogs

The most dangerous types of dogs

The dog is an animal belonging to the mammal family. In this article, we will tell you about the most dangerous types of dogs in the world, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Center for Disease Control in the United States, where 10 types of dangerous dog breeds have been detected. In terms of risk.

1- Pit Bulls:

Originating in the United States, Pitbull weighs approximately 30-55 pounds and is 18-22 inches tall.
His opponent is not allowed to survive, closing his upper and lower jaws on his prey until she dies.
He is described as a child born to fight and has many victims, both animals and humans.
His education was banned in France.
Travel restrictions were imposed and insurance rates were raised.

2- Rottweilers:

Rottweiler originates in Germany, weighing about 85-110 pounds and 23-27 inches tall, and comes second in danger after Pitbull.
It is characterized by its large body and largemouth, which has strong jaws and full teeth.
It was used during World War I and II for transport, guard, search and rescue, and first aid transports.
It is characterized by obedience to commands and cares at work.
He has great swimming skills.
Characterized by love for children.
Rottweiler’s weakness is his tail.
Celebrities and politicians use it as a guard dog.

3- German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd originates in Germany, weighing about 70-85 pounds and is 22-26 inches tall.
Famous for his upright stance.
He has two round eyes and a strong jaw, which is medium in size.
It is characterized by its speed, intelligence, strength, and ease of taming.
It can be used to track criminals and as a police dog and to detect contraband such as drugs.
The average age of (7-10) years, and is very popular around the world.

4- Husky:

The Siberian Husky originated in Syria, weighing approximately 35-55 lbs and 20-24 inches long, and comes in fourth in terms of risk. Characterized by activity and intelligence. He loves to live in groups of his lineage. Wolves are more like dogs than they are in nature. His bite is deadly. It was previously used to transport goods in polar regions where they live in such weather conditions.

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