The best guard dogs

Paul Mastiff:
This type of dog is characterized by a strong loyalty to his family, courage and a strong instinct for protection, and in addition to using biting to protect property, urine Mastiff uses the dog to hit the intruders using his great strength, and throws them to the ground, and prevents them from entering, and despite his love to spend time with the family, but he is careful Naturally from strangers.
Male Mastiff is 63.5-66.0 centimeters long, female 61-66 centimeters tall, 50-59.09 kilograms for males and 45.45-54.55 kilograms for females.

Doberman’s dogs are the fifth smartest dogs in the world, and their reaction and nature vary according to the person, but they begin to attack naturally if they feel that the family is at risk. [1] The weight is 34.09-45.45 kilograms for males and 27.27-40.91 kilograms for females. Its life span is 10-12 years.

Rottweiler is one of the smartest dogs in the world.It is ranked ninth, in addition to being one of the most courageous dogs.Although she is very calm and loving for her family, she is fierce when she is protected.It supports her protection with great strength and ability to Endurance, pain resistance.
Rottweiler is male (60.96 -68.58) centimeters, the female (55.88-63.5) centimeters, and the weight (43.18-61.36) kilograms for males, and (36.36-45.45) kilograms for the female, and its life span between 9 to 10 years.

This type of dog is known for its courage, independence of thought, loyalty, and more vigor than its external appearance, and has been used to graze sheep in the plains.
The male Commodore is at least 69.85 centimeters, and the female is at least 64.77 centimeters.The weight is 45.45 kilograms or more for the male, and 36.36 kilograms or more for the female.Their life span is between 10 and 12 years.

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