How To Train Small Dogs

How To Train Small Dogs

Before buying a puppy and learning how to train a small dog, the trainer should learn about certain prohibitions that he should not fall into. First of all, he should not buy a puppy without knowing his type and characteristics from a young age until he is older, he may be hostile or have special needs. Puppy breed, history, and health to make sure of all this.
Training puppies requires patience and tranquility because the obedience laws and the main rules of these animals require some effort, and they also need to be rewarded with a lot of food when they act well to motivate and understand dogs, and in general, as a whole, .
Dogs are animals from the group of carnivorous mammals, and are classified within the canine family, which also includes wolves, foxes, and jackals, and humans have been domesticated these organisms for about 14 thousand years, and is believed to have been a breed of wolves and changed its body with the help of humans in Europe and Europe.
In fact, through cross-breeding and artificial selection, humans have contributed to the formation of most modern breeds of dogs and therefore vary greatly in their forms and sizes, with more than 300 breeds.
Dog breeds are divided into seven basic categories, the most important of which are ferocious hunting dogs (used to hunt wild animals), working dogs (used in guarding and pulling snow sleds), and cattle dogs (known for their ability to control sheep herds, etc.).
Dog training is very common among humans, with annual exhibitions and competitions held around the world.

Take care of small dogs:
The period of puberty in the dog is from birth until the age of three months, after which any puppy is considered an adult dog, and these organisms are born closed eyes, and remain for ten days to two weeks until the eyes open, and in this period puppies depend on the mother’s milk for food, and after the completion of Feeding the puppy should be taken care of, it may be served meat soup with bread, and some types of vegetables added to the meat cut into small pieces, and the food is served on four meals in small quantities appropriate for him, and must be on the availability of water permanently near the puppies and the mother because they need It is essential to provide them with clean, continuous containers.
Caring for puppies during their first months is of utmost importance. , And waste disposal on a daily basis.
Puppies should be vaccinated with rabies vaccine, Dust vaccine and deworming doses before reaching the age of three months.

How to train small dogs:
When young dogs are newly born, attention should be given to training them heavily during their early months.

In the beginning, a suitable room should be found to keep the puppies inside when leaving the house.The bathroom, kitchen or warehouse are considered suitable places.It can be closed on the puppies after leaving enough water, food, and a waste container to be sufficient during the absence of the owner.

When the puppy is two weeks old, he should start teaching him the training lessons. After each meal.

 The second lesson is to teach him how to play without damaging the furniture and belongings of the house, when the puppies arrive at the age of one month and two months tend to bite things around them, and the best solution to this problem is to allocate a toy for puppies that are bitten and not easily damaged, such as a ball or the like, and the dog must be removed About the pieces of furniture and trying to river or taunting him when he approaches them, over time he will learn that they are not reserved for him.

The third lesson is to teach her to sit when she is told, which is a little difficult in the beginning, where she should not be taught more than one thing at the same time to not distract them, and must choose the right time to throw it on the puppy, if he receives it as sleepy, playing or eating will ignore it, and with Time may turn into disrespect for its owner.

This training can be started by talking to the puppy and giving him a seated order. If he obeys him, he will be given a reward that he will only receive when he sits in the desired manner.

The instructor may be wrong to try to teach his puppy direct orders, such as forbidding a “no” order. When a dog jumps on a stranger who has issued the order, it may be very difficult to teach it.

Even if the dog understands that his trainer breaks down what he is doing, he will be incompetent for what has been done. For example, he may try to jump more lightly towards the same person or toward another person to jump on.

In such a case, the easiest way to control a puppy is to give it a simple thing that has been trained in the past.

In general, dog training is easier when it is a small dog. Like any other creature, dogs are less adherent to their habits when they are small, and can be taught the rules of life with humans (such as leaving their droppings only in a specific place) without much effort. A little difficult.
In general, the training of any animal is not an easy matter, it must be trained on everything separately and without distraction with other orders or exercises, but these organisms can eventually become a close friend of man.

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