Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

The dog is really the best friend of a man who lived alongside him, worked and helped in any kind of activity. Today, there are many breeds of these animals – some of which are the result of natural selection, others – the result of human labor that took a long time, but all of them – real beings, ready to show their loyalty to man again and again.

The breed dogs are giant and large:

This category includes exquisite dogs. Some are not just big animals, but real giants.


The strong shepherd dog of Central Asia, the second name is Turkmen Wolfhound. According to historical data, this breed was formed naturally. Thanks to the harsh conditions in which this happened, Alabai gained unprecedented endurance and excellent physical properties. Today they are successfully used as control bases.

Alaska Malamut

A large local breed, which brought the Eskimo tribes to work in skiing. Alaska Malamutes do not bark, but communicate by grumbling and howling. But this is not the only advantage – dogs need regular physical exertion and are not suitable for everyone.

English Mastiff

Or mastiff or in other words – large clay belongs to the oldest ancient English breed. In ancient times they were used for hunting large animals, guarding slaves, military service, etc. and not always, peaceful work. But today the English Mastiff is a wonderful dog – a companion and a favorite family.

Dojo Argentino

Pride of Argentina, because it is the only breed recorded in this country. The various breeds of Molos participated in its creation, and they gave the Argentine dog all the unique qualities of a fighter, guard, and hunter.

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