5 Information needed to know before you buy a dog “Huski” .. The most important saleesh in the cold

Husky is one of the most popular breeds in the world of dog lovers. After the popularity of the Golden Dog, the Husky came to the throne of the most popular dogs in the dog market, but some believe that owning a Husky But, in fact, it is hard and needs some information that you should know before making a purchase.

5 Information to know if you intend to buy a Husky dog:

1- The price of the Husky dog ​​is very high.

2-The parent dog has a blue eye or at least one of his blue eyes.

3 – This dog needs a very cold place and can not expose it to heat for a long time.

4 – This dog can not be left to live alone in a place like dogs German, but must always accompany him at night and day like dogs, “Golden”, so it will be very hard upbringing.

5 – needs intensive attention to the dates of vaccination and cutting hair and nails and teeth washing because it is most vulnerable to diseases due to the change in the weather in which it lives, it is the nature of this type of dog to live in freezing areas filled with snow, and hot environments are difficult to anchors for him, which makes his body very sensitive .

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