5 diseases that threaten dogs

Dogs are exposed to many diseases, some of which are transmitted to humans.

It is the most serious disease that affects dogs at all because it makes the animal behave abnormally like a madman and afraid of water and may even come to attack the owner and may be transmitted to humans, and the most serious thing is that this disease has no definitive cure for either animal or human, but there is an annual vaccine to prevent it.

It is the desire of the animal to scratch and scratch frequently and is responsible for the disease is the infection of the skin parasites harmful and must not touch this animal until it is cured.

This disease affects the skin of the dog and causes hair loss and the cause of infection by one of the fungus and make the smell of ferocity and possible transmission from the animal to humans, so must take the necessary precautions and presented to the doctor as soon as possible.

Quaternary tapeworm
They are lurking in the heart of the intestine and come out in the process of excretion and eaten by another animal or human and transformed into the human body to water bags are not treated only by surgery by a skilled doctor because sometimes the cyst containing the eggs of the worm in the human body during the process, which causes its spread more and difficult to treat .

It is one of the most dog diseases that panic in some people for fear of mutating the virus to another type, such as swine flu, but this is not true, the dog is infected with influenza and colds like other mammals.

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